He Starts Blow Drying A Banana. Now Watch Carefully When He Peels It Open… Incredible!

So, now and then people eat bananas with a few brown spots on them and note that there’s a sugary goodness to it, but no one ever eats the completely blackened bananas. That would be Crazy. Those are put away for banana bread at best, or fed to the butterflies, and thrown immediately in trash. In fact, that sixty cents or $1.25 a bunch are thrown away more often than not. Because who would ever want that smelly, fruit fly attracting, slimy rotten banana sticking around? Well, hold the phone – a reason has been found to save them . . .

With just a little rice, a ziploc, a blow dryer and a bearded hipster, you can save your blackened bananas from the brink of the garbage can. This works better if you’ve refrigerated the bananas rather than left them on the counter, but it’s still pretty magical. Just wait until you see a banana go from black to yellow before your very eyes. Check out the link below to see this amazing trick that Metaspoon has posted from YouTuber  Brandon Queen. Be sure to have your cereal bowl or ice cream handy in which to dump your now fresh banana slices!

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