Joining Videos with the Help of Movavi Video Editor


When you intend to create a home movie, video collage or any other type of content – odds are you’re going to want to join several videos together. Typically this is the case because videos are often recorded in shorter segments (i.e. takes) and then joined together afterwards.

With the help of Movavi Video Editor, you’ll find that it is a piece of cake to join videos. More importantly its features will allow you to ensure that the videos you join appear in the right order, and much more.

Naturally the first thing you should do is launch Movavi Video Editor and select ‘Create project in full feature mode’ to open the editor. Click on the button labelled ‘Add Media Files’ in the main interface, then select the videos that you’d like to join so that they are added to the editor.

When any videos are added to Movavi Video Editor, they will immediately appear in the ‘Timeline’ by default (located in the lower part of the interface). In this case since you’re adding multiple videos the videos will be arranged in the sequence that they were selected.

If everything checks out and the sequence is correct, you can save the video then and there – effectively joining together the clips. However if you want to use Movavi Video Editor to re-arrange the videos that you added, you just need to drag them around in the ‘Timeline’ until they are in the right sequence.

Another interesting feature in Movavi Video Editor that you may want to take advantage of are the numerous animated transitions that you can place between scenes in your video. To add one just open the ‘Transitions’ tab on the left, then select a transition and drag it to place it between the video segments where you’d like it to appear.

In some cases you may also want to split some of the videos that you added into segments, so that you can trim out any unwanted footage or make use of the several other handy features in Movavi Video Editor. Frankly speaking there are tons of possibilities, and you could insert captions, include audio tracks, apply special effects, improve the video quality, and much more.

As you can see using Movavi Video Editor as a video joiner is really straightforward – and so are all of its other features. Bottom line, you will have complete control over your videos and can edit them to perfection without any issues. When you’re satisfied with the video you can save it in a format of your choice, or use the presets that are available to automatically optimize it for a particular device or platform.

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