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Weight loss is on everyone’s mind these days without any doubt. But why would a bodybuilder want to lose weight? Well, to be honest, if more fat muscle is present than lean muscle, then it’s of no use to a bodybuilder. The ratio of lean muscle to fat muscle determines success in the field. So, in order to reduce fat and attain lean muscle, one needs a dietary and exercise plan. However, if one is in a hurry to lose weight, then steroids may help them to lose weight at a faster rate than conventional methods.

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Other reasons for weight loss

Being overweight and obese is a condition in which ones’ body mass index is above 30+ as per a World Health Organization study. These people are susceptible to a variety of health conditions which may include but not limited to any type of heart ailment, diabetes, asthma, sleep disorders, joint pain and related issues and in rare cases certain cases of cancer. These are the people who are in need of serious weight loss.  Fat loss steroids cycles are a way out for them which is easy and less painful compared to other conventional methods of weight loss techniques.

Steroid action for Weight Loss

Most steroids for weight loss are one or more of the derivatives of Testosterone. These types of steroids are not exactly meant for weight loss but rather to increase muscle mass for patients who suffer from HIV or AIDS and certain cancer types. However, some found out that this can help in a reverse way for people who want to lose fat and at the same type develop lean mass muscle. In other cases of steroids, they help in suppressing the appetite of a person and to eat less. These are called ‘appetite suppressants’ and are manufactured with names like clen or clenbuterol. This is an artificially created steroid that works on the hypothalamus and releases the ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine which helps in the process of appetite suppression.  There are other fat loss cyclesdrug which are not exactly steroids. These are from the natural plants and herbs but has the same effect as that of the artificially created one.

Safety and Side Effects

First one needs to look at the side effects of these drugs to understand the implication before their usage. Some of the steroids produce side effects like mood swings, eating and sleeping disorders, depression and in rare cases addiction. So, one should never go beyond the recommended dosage limits and adhere to the cycle. In the case of natural steroid stimulants, the side effects are considerably less but still they do exist. Since these drugs are from natural or herbal extracts, they are available in the markets without a prescription whereas the artificial steroids require a prescription. Fat loss steroidscycles are an important part of a bodybuilder’s process however if it is combined with a well charted out dietary and exercise regime, then the effects are long lasting and durable. Always consult a physician if the side effects are creating problems and follow their advice.

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